Wonderful tea - good food and Luo Zen tea signing ceremony

Update:12 Sep 2017

Jiahe Food officially signed with Indian Luo Zen Tea Co […]

Jiahe Food officially signed with Indian Luo Zen Tea Co., Ltd. at N4 Hall of New International Exhibition Center. The signing ceremony of the establishment of India "Darjeeling" black tea market strategic partnership friendly cooperation to provide more business opportunities, and Luo Zen tea together to reach a strategic cooperation to the Chinese market to promote India "Darjeeling" black tea.







Raji Fu Zen
Mr. Rajafer Roz is the CEO of Rosanna Tea Co., Ltd. He received a postgraduate degree in organic chemistry from 1973,
Began to contact with tea in 1974, has worked in the Indian tea tea factory work. 3 years in South India, 15 years in Darjeeling, 5 years in West Bengal Dinjabur region.
In 1991, the riverview tea industry was established in the Dina Jubur region of West Bengal. And in the follow-up years in Darjeeling, Sili ancient Li, Qiao Panna and other places to build tea factory tea.
Established in 1998, Luo Chan Tea Co., Ltd., each year to China, Russia, the United States, France, Japan and other places export tea.