Company Growth

2001: Established and formed the first spray drying line
2002: Formed the second spray drying line
2004: Formed the third spray drying line
2005: Passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, HALAL certification and got health registration certificated by People's Republic of China
2006: Two spray drying lines at domestic most advanced level
2007: Completed sixth and seventh spray drying lines, successfully enabled ERP system management in July, annual turnover reached 450 million yuan RMB
2008: Passed QS certification, HACCP certification, and introduced the most advanced automatic packaging machine
2010: 11 production lines achieve annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of non-dairy creamer
2012: Sales turnover exceeds of 1.6 billion yuan RMB
2013: Daily production of non-dairy creamer is available for 200 million cups of coffee




We have been convinced that the concept decides action, action determines habits, habits determines the character, character determines the fate. With good ideas, beautiful action, good habits, we will form a good character, so as to get a better fate. Our crystal flowers, composed of five pieces of petals, each petal symbolizes a "goodness", two petals connect each other, represent five goodness' close relationship and gain of brilliant Kingflowers as a success.




Core Values

Dreaming and progressing, we successively tap new markets out of China and Asia. Our logo is made up of five petals connecting to each other closely indicating five beliefs respectively, guiding us the way to our dreams.


Unity is power.

With the advent of new industrialization 4.0.

The people of Jiahe will surely create a new height for food industry.

With the power of Jiahe dream.


Harmony and Win


Focus : As a professional food company with continuously improving ourselves, Jiahe has been dedicated to the research and development of non-dairy creamer and food ingredients as well as food safety, striving to make ourselves exemplary in the industry.

Integrity : Being honest, law-abiding, self-disciplined, Jiahe has a strong sense of responsibility for employees, customers and society, rewarding and also rewarded by the society and market.

Innovation : Being pioneering and exploring, Jiahe gives priority to research and innovation, and also derives vitality from continuous exploration and innovation.

Excellence : Ambitious and far-sighted, Jiahe promotes its business not only in China but also over the world.


Our Commitment

We are a professional non-dairy creamer manufacturer.

Our goal is to provide high-quality products to customers and market.

Although the markets and customers are different, Jiahe has a unique idea to guide customers to success.

For any consultation and feedback, we will reply patiently and carefully.

For any new product, we will communicate with customers and take their ideas into consideration to make the best product.

For any order, we will finish the production on time.

We will spend time and energy to solve every problem, no matter how common it is. We will always accommodate to you, and you can find that we (can) speak your language and know your requirements. This is why we have successfully cooperated with so many customers from different countries.




Jiahe based on the enterprise tenet “quality creates market, improvement promotes progress”, adhere to the work style “pragmatic and integrity, never give up, team work, keep improving”, sincerely welcomed by new and old customers.