"Suzhou Jiahe" officially launched tea trade this year, the main push India Darjeeling tea

Update:12 Sep 2017

Today (March 30), Suzhou Jiahe Food Industry Co., Ltd. […]

Today (March 30), Suzhou Jiahe Food Industry Co., Ltd. and India Luo Zen Tea Co., Ltd. officially signed, which marks the Suzhou Jiahe will follow the coffee, ice cream powder and other raw materials after the introduction of another industry product expansion.




According to Mr. Liu Xinrong, general manager of Suzhou Jiahe Food,

Luo Zen Tea is an Indian professional tea trading company, in India has a wealth of industry resources and technology. Years ago, Suzhou Jiahe food has been the introduction of India's Assam black tea market.

Liu Xinrong said that Asam before entering the Chinese market, China's tea with tea is very chaotic, and this section of the tea into the Chinese tea products have a qualitative fly over.

The signing, Suzhou Jiahe food and Luo Zen tea together to the Chinese market to promote India's high tea "Darjeeling tea." Liu Xinrong said, Darjeeling autumn tea is more suitable for the production of tea, and spring tea is used for pure tea production.



The introduction of this tea is also based on the tea market, the increasing demand for pure tea to consider, Darjeeling tea according to the region and the estate of the different, the flavor will be slightly changed.

Liu Xinrong said that they will be different customers for different customers to launch tea, to ensure the uniqueness of its products. This is also a manifestation of tea quality.

It is expected that in May this year, Suzhou Jiahe food will carry out the early market test of Darjeeling tea, and then a large area to promote.

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