General Manager




"Address from Mr. Liu Xinrong, the founder and president of Jiahe"

Life with dreams will become valuable. Chinese Dream, Jiahe's Dream! I have a dream that we will be dedicated to the development of Chinese coffee industry and providing healthy food ingredients.

As a food company, we know how significant its values are to its development! Our values, “Dedication, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence” , reflects well on our business attitude.

A dream with roots will not lag behind the times. Providing quality products and building a centennial brand, the people of Jiahe will be always on the way to realizing their dreams.



"Concept & Vision"

In many customers' minds, the name of “Jiahe” has gradually become a synonym for the product of non-dairy creamer for the past 15 years, enjoying great popularity. When others are still looking for customers, we have already guided the market. When others are still struggling for their products' quality, we have already become a leader in the industry.