Hi reported | Crystal Flower won the 2017 Chengdu Hot Pot Drink Festival "Best Hot Pot Drink Supplier"!

Update:12 Sep 2017

  Chengdu hot pot drinks section After the rinse o […]



Chengdu hot pot drinks section

After the rinse of hot pot
How can there be no cool drink companion?
"2017 Chengdu hot pot drinks Festival" in the summer strong attack




2017 Chengdu hot pot drinks section with many high-quality exhibitors to participate in activities, the tip of the wonderful touch.
The vote on the line with the line under the two parts, online through the WeChat to vote for the way, the line will be set up in the exhibition site test area. Organizers Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. joint Chengdu catering business federation jointly invited ten hot pot brand leader, as a professional judges to test the scene to vote.




Big coffee field test drink

Online polling area has been enough to stimulate
Exhibition site of the test area
The first time triggered the participants concerned about the boom

Crystal pot of hot pot special drink new grapefruit ice tea
So that the Chengdu Food Association, vice president of praise




Winning time

After the unanimous recognition of professional judges
The best hot pot beverage supplier was successfully harvested in the crystal
This is the affirmation of our strength
But also to motivate us to move forward





Trend drinks contest

The other side, Jinghua full range of powder products
For five consecutive years of sponsorship
Shanghai trend drinks contest Chengdu Division
The same wonderful constantly




The trend of the various sectors of the beverage industry to play creative
Make the drink so wonderful
Every drink is found in the surprise







Show direct hit

2017 Years August 11 - August 13
Chengdu International Hotel Supplies and Food & Beverage Expo was held in Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
Causing participants to pay attention to the boom



A day of time
We come and go to the booth uninterrupted flow of people
Enough to prove the widely recognized crystal flower harvest




There are two days away from the exhibition,
We are waiting for you on the C30 booth!
Do not let go!


View of exhibition information

Exhibition time: August 11, 2017
Venue: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
Exhibition booth: C30 booth